Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 51, Issue 5, 2001

51(5), 2001

Review Article

 Beta-blockers in anesthesiology: clinical and pharmacological aspects Fabiana Aparecida Penachi Bosco; José Reinaldo Cerqueira Braz Review Article
Preemptive analgesia João Batista Santos Garcia; Adriana Machado Issy; Rioko Kimiko Sakata Review Article

Scientific Article
Comparative study of 0.5% levobupivacaine and 0.5% racemic bupivacaine associated to sufentanil in epidural anesthesia for cesarean delivery João Batista Santos Garcia; José R Oliveira; Elismar P A Silva; Marcelo S Privado; Américo M Yamashita; Adriana M Issy Scientific Article
Minimum analgesic concentration of bupivacaine after continuous epidural infusion following spinal anesthesia in the postoperative period of leg, ankle and foot surgery Getúlio Rodrigues de Oliveira Filho; Nilton Gesser; Márcia Regina Ghellar; Ranulfo Goldschmidt; Adilson José Dal Mago Scientific Article
Pain after propofol intravenous injection in children: effects of combined lidocaine and inhalational nitrous oxide Artur Udelsmann; Waston V Silva; Virgínia Maia da Conceição; Rosa Inês Costa Pereira Scientific Article
Efficacy of ondansetron and alizapride in preventing gynecological laparoscopy nausea and vomiting Eliana M Ganem; Paula Fabris; Marlene Z Moro; Yara Marcondes Machado Castiglia Scientific Article
Low back pain: comparison of epidural analgesia with bupivacaine associated to methylprednisolone, fentanyl and methylprednisolone plus fentanyl Quitéria Maria Wanderley Rocha; Rioko Kimiko Sakata; Adriana Machado Issy Scientific Article

Clinical Information
Paresthesia at the median nerve territory: adverse effect of the peripheral nerve stimulator? Case report Carlos Henrique Viana de Castro; Giovanni Menezes Santos; Niwton Carlos Toledo; José Roberto de Rezende Costa Clinical Information

Monitoring the adequacy of hipnosis by bispectral index Pedro Thadeu Galvão Vianna Miscellaneous
Bioethical dilemmas in anesthesia José Abelardo Garcia de Meneses Miscellaneous

Braz J Anesthesiol

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