Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 36, Issue 5, 1986

36(5), 1986

Scientific Article

ln vivo'' heparin neutralization after cardiopulmonary bypass. A comparative study on the effects of two protamine brands and on the value of the contrai of activated coagulation time (ACT). Cremonesi E., Cruz O.L.M, Mizumoto N., Rodrigues I.J., Cossermelli W. Scientific Article
The leucocytes alterations in surgical stress anesthesia. Clinicai study in fifty patients. Scientific Article
lnfluence of pre-anesthetic medication on the ED95 of enflurane. Piccioni M.A., Piccioni J.L., Brandão Neto M., Dubieux W.K., Auler Jr. J.O.C, Gomide Amaral R.V., Chamone D., Jatene A.D. Scientific Article
Hemodynamic alterations of superior limbs after catheterization of radial artery. Comparison of two calibers of catheter. Tonelli D., Canga J.C., Vasconcellos J.C., Kanaguchi M.C.M., Toldo A. Scientific Article
The effects of fentanyl on the circulatory response to laringoscopy and intubation. Couto da Silva J.M., Carvalho S.S. S, Vieira Z.E. G, Saraiva R A Scientific Article
Caudal epidural morphine for postoperative pain relief in children. Ruiz Neto PP, Gomide Amaral R.V., lshikama L C Scientific Article
Herpes zoster and anesthetic block. Cheibub Z.B., Trachez M.M., Almeida Neto J.A., Maselli E.V.S., Silva C.E.L.G. Scientific Article
Brachial plexus: anatomy and techniques of anesthetic blocks. Nocite J.R., Costa Neto M.E., Siqueira C.A.C., Boscolo Neto S. Scientific Article

Clinical Informations

Calcium entry blockers and anesthesia Luz C.P. Clinical Informations

Review Article

Plexo Braquial: Anatomia e Técnicas do Bloqueio Anestésico Luz C.P. Review Article
Bloqueadores de Canais de Cálcio e Anestesia Nocite J.R. Review Article

Letter to the Editor

lntubação, Integérrimo, Inequívoco, Inatacável vocábulo vernáculo Luiz Eduardo I mbeloni Letter to the Editor
Retinopatia da Prematuridade Gerson Saboia Letter to the Editor
Dose Teste e Ráqui Total Alfredo Fernandes de Carvalho Letter to the Editor
Galamina na Ráqui Marcius Vinicius Mulatinho Maranhão Letter to the Editor
Narcoanalgesia Armando Fortuna Letter to the Editor
Complications related to anesthesia. Maria Sandra da Silva Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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