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Airway management in mucopolysaccharidosis: a retrospective case series review

Murat Tümer, Aysun Ankay Yılbaş, Sehend Debbağ, Fatma Sarıcaoğlu, Özgür Canbay

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Airway management can be difficult in surgeries of patients with mucopolysaccharidosis. We performed a retrospective review of 31 surgeries performed between 2015 and 2019. The mean age of the patients was 127.6 months. MPS-IV and MPS-VI were the most frequent subtypes. Orthopedic surgeries were the most common surgery type. Difficult intubation was seen in 10 procedures. All patients with difficult intubation were aged over 36 months. Video laryngoscopy was the most common intubation method. Seventeen patients were followed up in the intensive care unit. Although video laryngoscopy seems to be a safe method in these patients, one should always be prepared for alternative methods.


Airway management;  Difficult airway;  Mucopolysaccharidosis


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