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Latex anaphylaxis in a recipient child during kidney transplant performed in a latex-free environment: case report

Magda Lourenço Fernandes, Daniel Werneck Pessoa, Isadora Del'Asta, Mirella Pereira Oliveira, Lúcio Lourenço Moreira

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Latex responds for most allergic reactions in children, and repeated exposure to the agent is the main cause of sensitization. We report the case of a child allergic to latex who developed anaphylaxis during kidney transplantation performed in a latex-free environment. After immediate treatment with epinephrine the patient gradually improved. Subsequent investigation revealed that kidney harvesting was performed without latex allergy precautions, suggesting graft contamination by the antigen. We conclude that, for preventing this type of anaphylaxis, it is essential to implement latex-free procedures during donor organ harvesting.


Hypersensitivity to latexAnaphylaxisKidney transplantationOrgan donorCase report


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