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Anesthesia for bariatric surgery in patient with mitochondrial myopathy – case report

Carlos Eduardo Coimbra Melonio, Ciro Bezerra Vieira, Plínio C. Leal, Caio Marcio B. de Oliveira, Elizabeth T.N. Servín, Lyvia Maria Rodrigues de Sousa Gomes, Ed Carlos R. Moura

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Mitochondrial Myopathy is a rare pathology caused by a defect in the mitochondrial DNA metabolism, leading to defects in the formation of adenosine triphosphate, in the Krebs citric acid cycle, fatty acid oxidation and oxidative phosphorylation. It is manifested by exercise intolerance, muscle fatigue on small efforts, muscle weakness, tachycardia, and difficulty breathing. There are few case reports on the operative management of adult patients suffering from mitochondrial myopathy. With this report, we intend to describe the anesthetic management of a patient with mitochondrial myopathy who underwent laparoscopic gastroplasty and outline some anesthetic considerations about this pathology.


Case report;  Anesthesia;  Neuromuscular disorders;  Mitochondrial myopathy;  Gastroplasty


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