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Cross-cultural adaptation, analysis of psychometric properties and validation of the Spanish version of a perioperative satisfaction questionnaire (EVAN-G)

Inmaculada Benítez-Linero, Guiomar Fernández-Castellano, Ana Senent-Boza, Francisco Sánchez-Carrillo, Fernando Docobo-Durantez

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Patient satisfaction is a reliable and measurable indicator of the quality provided by a healthcare service. There are several questionnaires for measuring it, but only a few have shown good psychometric properties, an outstanding one being the EVAN-G (Evaluation du Vécu de l’Anesthésie Générale) questionnaire, which measures patient satisfaction regarding perioperative care and is validated in French. The aim of this study is the validation of a Spanish version of the EVAN-G questionnaire.

A translation/back-translation of the questionnaire into Spanish was carried out and the final version obtained was administered to three hundred patients. Its psychometric properties were measured and compared with those of the original EVAN-G questionnaire to verify that they had been maintained after the previous translation process. The questionnaire’s content, construct and external validity were measured. To calculate reliability, Cronbach-α coefficient and test-retest method were used. The Global Satisfaction Index was calculated and satisfaction level in our sample was analyzed.

Content, construct and external validity were proven with similar results that in the original EVAN-G. The translated version of the questionnaire showed good reliability: Cronbach-α coefficient was 0.92 and intraclass correlation coefficient measured by test-retest method was 0.9. The acceptability was high. The average Global Satisfaction Index in our sample was 73 ± 12.

The translation into Spanish and cross-cultural adaptation of the EVAN-G questionnaire has proven its validity, reliability, and acceptability to measure patient satisfaction in interventions performed under general anesthesia.


Satisfaction;  Questionnaire;  Perioperative period


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