Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
31st January, 2020

The main points of the Standards in BJANcast # 2

The Instructions to Authors, which were presented 2019, were the subject of this edition of BJANcast, the official podcast of the Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology. In this program, the main points that the researcher must consider in order to publish a work in BJAN were a central issue.

During the podcast, presented by Felipe Ramos Barbosa and Mel Ribeiro, important issues and information that must be respected by the authors were widely cited. For example, that BJAN does not accept works that have been published in other journals, nor those that are just in the process of being evaluated. In addition, the types of manuscripts accepted by the publication were also commented, ranging from Case Reports to pictorial essays.

Dr. Vinícius Caldeira Quintão, Associate Editor at BJAN, commented on Research Ethics, an important point that should receive maximum attention in all scientific works. During the speech, which can be seen in full on BJAN's YouTube channel, the expert comments on which aspects need to be attended to and their due importance.

Another aspect that was not left out was the fact that BJAN is Open Access, that is, free access for readers, and free of charge for authors.

To watch the presentation, which took place during the BJAN Symposium, at the Brazilian Congress of Anesthesiology, access YouTube and search for JoinBjan on the platform's search engine. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel by clicking on the bell.

BJANcast is indexed in the main podcast aggregators, Spotify, Castbox and Apple Podcasts. Access the aggregator of your choice and search for BJANcast. All episodes are available.

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