Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
13th January, 2020

BJANcast is on the air


BJAN presents in late 2019 its new podcast program, the BJANcast. BJANcast, which combines the name of the journal “Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology” with “podcast”, which is a digital program format.

What is Podcast?

Available through the Internet, podcast program can offer the most diverse content about various subjects, with the ability to transmit the information to the public audiences more directly. Listen podcast program is ideal. The content can be downloaded to any device that has access to the Internet and played according to your routine. You don’t need to listen the entire program at once, you can pause and continue where you left off without concern of losing the content. In addition, the podcast listener can choose any content that is of particular and follow the programs and contents that matter most.


In order to continue promoting, broadening and further disseminating scientific knowledge - beyond OpenAccess for written content - the BJAN Editorial Board, saw a boost from other media. In order to maintain relevance in the scientific-editorial environment, BJAN did not hesitate to invest in the production of BJANcast.

How to listen?

BJANcast is currently only available on the Spotify platform. You don’t need to sign or pay for listen BJANcast. Just click on BJANcast hyperlink and listen to the program. The program is fully produced by BJAN's editorial office in São Paulo. A priori BJANcast will have biweekly frequency. Always stay up to date on BJAN news from the Journal website, and the social networks below.






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