Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 19, Issue 3, 1969

19(3), 1969


EDITORIAL Ney Santos Editorial

Scientific Article

O Impacto da Anestesiologia na Arte e Ciência da Medicina Francis F. Foldes Scientific Article
Basic Concepts in the Treatment of Tetanus Jacinto Simões Scientific Article
Pharmacological Control of the Neuromuscular Syndrome of Tetanus F. Perez Gomes Scientific Article
Respiratory Insuficiency of Tetanus; Features and Correction by Artificial Ventilation J.B. Dureux, Ph. Canton Scientific Article
Acid-base Abnormalities Found in Tetanus and its Correction Manuel Bento Silva Araújo Scientific Article
Accidents and Complications of the Ventilatory Treatment in Tetanus M.T. Jenkins Scientific Article
Causes of Lactic Acidosis in Tetanus A. Arias Scientific Article
The Crushed-in Chest: Associated Diaphramatic And Abdominal Lesions In Prognosis Amarante Júnior, A. Brito Lhamas Scientific Article
The Anesthesiologist And The Inhalation Therapy With I.P.P.B. Joaquim de Paula Barreto Fonseca Scientific Article
A New and Safe Anesthetic Technique for Endoscopy Elemér K. Zsigmond, Raymond G. Rueger Scientific Article
A Comparative Study of The Consumption of Methoxyflurane In Different Vaporizers Maria joão A. Freitas, Maria Irene M. Silva, E. Lopes Soares Scientific Article
Effect Of Propranolol On The Threshold Of Ventricular Fibrilation Of Epinephrine Provoked In Dogs Anesthetized With Halothane Antônio Alberto Falcão de Freitas, Alberta Viana, Alfredina Ramalho Scientific Article
Alterations Of The Liver Blood Flow And Tiie Peripi-ieral Circulation In Man During Halothane Anesthesia A.M. Baptiste, Nair de Azevedo, M.A. Perez Fernandez, J.L. Portella Scientific Article
Diazepam: Effect On Intraocular Pressuar Alberto A. Ferreira, Alfredo Porto, Alfredo Jimenez, Masami Katayama Scientific Article
Anesthesia For Adeno-tonsillectomies Sérgio Teixeira da Silva Scientific Article
Ketamina, Um Novo Anestésico Venoso Com Propriedade Analgésico Elevada H.W.Teuteberg, Hans Nolte Scientific Article
Clinical Experience With Ketamine In Ophthalmology lngrid Podlesch Scientific Article
Experiences with Ketamine Anesthesia in Neuroradiology N.H. lsrang Scientific Article

Braz J Anesthesiol

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