Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 27, Issue 3, 1977

27(3), 1977

Scientific Article

Panorama Armando Fortuna Scientific Article
Extracorporeal Oxigenation In The Treatment Of Respiratory Insufficiency Gilberto Silva Byrne, Thierry Pottecher, Jean Pierre Dupeyron, Rodin Ramboatiana, J.P. Gauthier-Lafaye Scientific Article
Myasthenia Gravis And Anesthesia Eunice Sizue Hirata Terra, Álvaro Guilherme Eugênio Scientific Article
The Cholinesterases Reynaldo Paschoal Russo Scientific Article
Blood Gases During Use Of Diazepam In Conjunction With Spinal Anesthesia José Roberto Nocite, Manoel Emboaba Da Costa Neto, Pedro Neves De Carvalho, Issao Sado Scientific Article
Preanesthetic Visit: Personal Responsability Of The Anesthesiologist - A Review Edisio Pereira, Zairo E.G. Vieira Scientific Article
Double-blind Study Comparing Lorazepam, Diazepam And Meperidine As Prémedication In Digestive Endoscopy José Roberto Galdi, Faria: Elza Pereira, Eugesse Cremonesi Scientific Article
Post Operative Vomiting: A Few Corselations Obtained In A ''data Bank Of Anesthesia'' Carlos Inácio Zanchin, Amir Antônio Martins de Oliveira, Walter Celso de Lima, Danilo Freire Duarte, Saul Linhares, Nilton Gesser Scientific Article
Problems Of Anesthesia In Patients With Sickle Cell Trait Antonio Sergio Ramalho Scientific Article
Clinical Evaluation Of Ro 5-4200 (Rohypnol) As Pre-anesthetic Medication For Pediatric Surgery Judymara R. Lauzl, José Roberto Passos Jorge, Calo Pinheiro, Pedro Geretto Scientific Article

Letter to the Editor

Cirurgia Oftálmica E Arritmias Cardíacas Natan Weksler Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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