Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 29, Issue 5, 1979

29(5), 1979

Scientific Article

Cardiac arrhytmias in blepharoplasties Ruiz M. Alonso Scientific Article
A method for measuring oxigen consumption with expired gas Renato G.G. Terzi, Reinaldo W. Vieira, J. Gilberto Scandiucci, A.B. Prado Fortuna Scientific Article
Intravenous regional anesthesia and muscular relaxation (a review) Almiro dos Reis Júnior Scientific Article
Fluid replacement during anesthesia José Roberto Nocite Scientific Article
The role of kidneys on acid-base balance, in dogs, submitted to the effects of halothane and hypercapnia. experimental study on the dogs Lim Cheong Yang, José Reinaldo Cerqueira Braz, Pedro Thadeu Galvão Vianna, Luís Antonio Vane Scientific Article
Epidural block for cesarean section Roberto Carvalhal Brandão, Paschoal Vieira de Albuquerque, Antonio de Oliveira Albuquerque Scientific Article
Effects of halothane associated with hypercapnia on renal hemodynamics Lim Cheong Yong, Pedro Thadeu Galvão Vianna, José Reinaldo Cerqueira Braz, Luís Antonio Vane Scientific Article
On the use of thermic mattress to mantain body temperature in infants anesthetized in air corditioned theaters Rubens Lisandro Nicoletti, Antonio Alberto de Felício, Rubens Lisandro Nicoletti Filho, Anita Leocádia de Mattos Ferraz, Marlene Paulino dos Reis Oliveira Scientific Article

Braz J Anesthesiol

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