Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 30, Issue 4, 1980

30(4), 1980


O Trabalho Editorial Carlos Pereira Parsloe Editorial
Reanimação Cerebral John Cook Lane Editorial

Scientific Article

Arrhythmias during general anesthesia with halothane and verapamil. Hemodynamic analysis. Oliveira L.F., Sudo R.T. Scientific Article
Onset time and duration of peripheral motor block induced by lidocaine, bupivacaine and etidocaine and their associations. Oga S., Banda R.M.R., Teixeira C.F.P., Simonetti M.P.B. Scientific Article
Epidural morphine injections for pain treatment. Fascio M.N.C., Pinto M.C.F. Scientific Article
Avaliation of a new analgesic opium antagonist (meptazinol) in post operatory pain Saviano A., Calegari D.C., Dei Nero R.R. Scientific Article
Diphenylhydantoin for reversal of neurological injury after cardiac arrest Aldrete J.A., Romo-Salas F., Mazzia V.D.B., Tan S. Scientific Article
Postanesthetic recovery after use of entlurane and halothane. A comparative study. Nocite J.R., Costa Neto M.E., Liberato I.K., Fontana R.M.N. Scientific Article
Potentiation of anesthetic drugs by lorazepam. Saviano A., Dei Nero R.R., Ferreira M.T.S., Lobato T.P. Scientific Article
Comparativé study on hemodynamics of fentanyl antagonism by naloxone in analgesic anesthesia. Haberer J.P., Schoeffler J.P., Nobre A.R., Couto G.M.R. Scientific Article
AH 8165 and intraocular pressure. Maneiro B., Steimberg D., Carbonell F., Jaimes A., Rojas I. Scientific Article

Review Article

Analgesia by transcutaneous electrical nerve estimulation. Tories H.J.A. Review Article
lntravenous regional anesthesia - Site of action of local anesthetic (Review article). Reis Jr A. Review Article

Clinical Informations

Presença de Corpo Estranho no Interior da Sonda Traqueal. Relato de um Caso João José de Cunto, Flávio Fernandes Clinical Informations
Pneumotórax Após Bloqueio do Plexo Braquial. Relato de um Caso José Teles da Silva, José Adão Lopes Clinical Informations

Special Article

Um Programa de Residência Médica (PRM) em Anestesiologia Edisio Pereira, Jean G. Vieira, Zairo Eira Garcia Vieira Special Article

Letter to the Editor

Associação Halogenados e Vasoconstritores Eugesse Cremonesi Letter to the Editor
Temas do XXVII Congresso Brasileiro de Anestesiologia Edno Magalhães Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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