Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 30, Issue 3, 1980

30(3), 1980


Dois Pioneiros Carlos Pereira Parsloe Editorial
A Anestesia e a Normalização das Unidades de Pesos e Medidas Roberto Simão Mathias, Guilherme F.F. dos Reis, Americo S Autran Editorial

Scientific Article

Cardiovascular effects of ketamine in hypovolemic dogs Reis-Oliveira M.P., Nicoletti R.L., Felício A.A. e Ferraz A.L.M. Scientific Article
Pulmonary haemodynamic and metabolic functions on anesthetised dogs and with positive inspiratory positive pressure ventilation. Pinheiro J.A., Nery L.E., Afonso J.E., Santos M.L. Scientific Article
Effects of dimetophrine on renal function in the dog Braz J.R.C., Vianna P.T.G., Yong L.C., Curi P.R. Scientific Article
Azeotropic mixture halothane- ether (haloether). New perspectives Almeida Neto J.M., Saraiva R.A. Scientific Article
Etidocaine in epidural anesthesia for caesarian section Nocite J.R., Zuccolotto S.N., Valverde A.C., Velludo F.S. Scientific Article
Operatory Cerebral Edema" Sobczak O.M., Lampert A. Scientific Article

Review Article

Intravenous Regional Anesthesia and Phanmacokinetics: Local anesthetic blood leveis Reis Júnior A. Review Article

Special Article

Allergic mechanisms for halothane - associated hepatitis. Mathieu A., Mathieu D., Goudsouzian N. Special Article
Ensino da Anestesiolagia em Nível de Pós - Graduação José Roberto Nocite Special Article

Clinical Informations

Colinergic Crisis in Myasthenic patient. A case report Ursolino G.L., Biagini J.A., Cunto J.J., Charaneck K.S. Clinical Informations


Percutaneous catheterization of internai jugular vein Auler Jr J.O.C., Silva Jr E.F., Gomes e Souza J.H., Timoner J. Miscellaneous
Distance between the flavum ligamentum and dura-mater in lombar segment in man. Zarzur E. Miscellaneous

Braz J Anesthesiol

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