Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 32, Issue 1, 1982

32(1), 1982


A Morte com Dignidade: Quando Desligar o Ventilador? José Roberto Nocite Editorial

Scientific Article

Ketamine effects on maximal tubular reabsorption of glucose. Experimental study in the dog. Yong L.C., Vianna P.T.G., Braz J.R.C. Scientific Article
Effects of cephadic hypoxernia in systernic and pulmonary circulation in the dog. Leme N.S.C., Chakrabarti M.K., Orchard O., Sykes M.K. Scientific Article
Narcotic respiratory depression and naloxone antagonism. Silva J.M.C., Vieira Z.E.G. Scientific Article
Epidural morfhine: post-operatory analgesic and end-expiratory force avaliation Imbeloni L.E., Hug P.F., Lafaye P.G. Scientific Article
Induced and controlled hypotension with tromitroglycerine Reis de Oliveira M.P., Ferraz A.L.M., Nicoletti R.L., Oliveira A.C. Scientific Article
Epidural anesthesia for cesarean section. Observation on latency and maternal hypotension. Zarzur E. Scientific Article
Enflurane anesthesia with and without succinylcholine in strabismus. Steimberg D., Maneiro B., Barreto O., Carbonell F., Cedeiío T. Scientific Article
Epidural morphine for postoperative pain control. Nocite J.R., Cagnolati C.A., Nunes A.M.M., Souza L.R. Scientific Article

Review Article

lsoflurane: A review of the most recent halogenated anesthetic in clinicai use. Vieira Z.E.G. Review Article

Special Article

Problemas Perianestésicos com Drogas não Anestésicas H.F. Oiscorb Special Article

Letter to the Editor

Baixo Fluxo e Sistema Fechado em Anestesia Inalatória João Batista Cavalcanti Araújo Letter to the Editor
Resposta ao Dr. Araújo José Maria Couto da Silva Letter to the Editor
Anestesia Peridural com Bupivacaína à 0,5% Armando Fortuna Letter to the Editor
Resposta ao Prof Fortuna Edmundo Zarzur Letter to the Editor
Sobre Morfinomiméticos Peridural e Intratecal Marco Aurélio Dornelles Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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