Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 33, Issue 6, 1983

33(6), 1983

Scientific Article

Intrathecal morphine for labor analgesia Barros S, Neira H Scientific Article
Effect of hypercapnia on renal haemodynamics Lemônica L, Vianna PT G, Castiglia Y MM, Yong L C Scientific Article
Nalbuphine in neuroleptoanesthesia: Drobufina Couto da Silva J.M., Elói MM, Vieira Z.E. G. Saraiva R A Scientific Article
Ketamine, diazepam, droperidol association in outpatients for laparoscopy Zylberberg B, Silva J C Scientific Article
Halothane vs enflurane in pediatric outpatient anesthesia Conceição M.J., Silva Jfuúor C.A., Roberge F X Scientific Article
Azeotropic mixture in low flow and closed system anesthesia Figueira E A Scientific Article
Same mass in different concentrations of bupivacaine: a comparative study in axillary block of brachial plexus Gomes M.L., Serra Freire R.B., Araujo J.T. V, Almeida Neto MA, Oliva Filho A L Scientific Article
Lidocaine - morphine association in spinal anesthesia Domelles MA Scientific Article


Baixo Fluxo e Fluxos Basais de Gases em Anestesia J.M. Couto da Silva, M. Katayarna Editorial

Review Article

Anesthesia for transurethral ressection of the prostate: complications and incidents Meneses J.A. G Review Article
Anesthesia for patient with coronary disease· Narcotics versus inhalational,anesthetics Nocite J R Review Article

Clinical Informations

Severe hypotension following pre-medication with Inovai® Figueira E.A., Barreto C.R. de A Clinical Informations

Special Article

Personal computers Conceição M.J., Silva Jr., C A Special Article


Anesthesia in the SARAH - Instituto Nacional de Medicina do Aparelho Locomotor: Preoperative screening test Barretto C.R. de A Miscellaneous

Educational Article

Drug interactions and anesthesia. Part II: Problems related to some therapeutic classes Cremonesi E Educational Article

Letter to the Editor

Color Coded'' ou ''Touch Coded'' Nino Afonso Fortis Letter to the Editor


Necrológio - Afonso Fortis João Batista Pereira Necrology

Braz J Anesthesiol

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