Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 33, Issue 5, 1983

33(5), 1983


Reflexões Sobre o Exame ao Título Superior em Anestesiologia Luiz Fernando Oliveira Editorial

Scientific Article

Effects of arterial hypotension induced by sodium nitroprusside infusion in the dog renal hemodynamics Lemônica L, Vianna P.T. G, Braz J.R. C, Vane L A Scientific Article
Physical state and anesthetic-surgical risk Carvalho A.F., Ambrosio Filho A, Guttman A, Borges T Scientific Article
Quantitative anesthesia in closed circuit Bemal R, Nunes F, Seixas R Scientific Article
Fazadinium in pediatric anesthesia Felício A A Scientific Article
Microdoses of naloxone for treatment of post-narcotic respiratory depression Couto da Silva J.M., Naspolini Filho H, Vieira Z.E. G, Saraiva R A Scientific Article
Intravenous regional anesthesia and paraylsis of the arm Reis Jr. A dos, Barbosa I, Biaggioni A C Scientific Article

Review Article

Difficult lntubation Conceição M.J., Silva Júnior C.A., Roberge F X Review Article

Special Article

The anesthesiologist in the hospital community Vieira Z.E. G Special Article
Monitorização da Isquemia Miocárdica durante Anestesia J.A. Kaplan Special Article


Ambulatory patient: Criteria for carcliocirculatory recovery Pereira J B Miscellaneous
Vaporizers Gauthier-Lafaye PJ, Imbeloni L.E., Oteni J C Miscellaneous
Continuous intravenous infusion dripp Da Poian S.R., Aquino R B Miscellaneous
Pain: Multidisciplinary approach Barbosa J S Miscellaneous

Educational Article

The anesthesiologist and pain treatment Martelete M Educational Article

Letter to the Editor

Doses de Éter para o Método Quantitativo José Maria Couto da Silva Letter to the Editor
Anestesia Quantitativa Luiz Fernando de Oliveira Letter to the Editor
Considerações Sobre ''Colar Coded on Touch Coded'' Roberto Simão Mathias Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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