Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 33, Issue 4, 1983

33(4), 1983


25 Anos do Título de Especialista Luiz Fernando de Oliveira Editorial

Scientific Article

Hypnotic and tranquilizing effect of triazolam in the pre-anesthetic period Almeida A.P., Ussuai M.M., Silva A L Scientific Article
Effect of adrenergic blocking agents on circulatory responses to endotracheal intubation in patients who have coronary artery disease Nocite J.R., Nunes A MM, Nicoletti Filho R.L., Alves Neto D Scientific Article
Spinal anaesthesia with hyperbaric bupivacaine in cesarean section Lucca M Scientific Article
Single dose bupivacaine-morphine epidural anesthesia Imbeloni L E Scientific Article
Epidural morphine for post-operatory analgesia Nascimento N.R., Albuquerque J.C. C, Lima T O'H de O Scientific Article
Intrathecal morphine for post-operative relief pain Nocite J.R., Cagnolati C.A., Castro J.G., Roso M.A. P Scientific Article
Fentanyl epidural analgesia in patients with multiple trauma Lucchesi M.R., Leitão F.B. P, Saraiva P.A. P, Rouby J J Scientific Article
pH influence on the ionic dissociation of local anesthetics Braz J.R. C, Vane L.A., Tamburini Jr. R, Vianna P.T. G Scientific Article
Agrypnianalgesia Molina J.M., Molina J C Scientific Article

Clinical Informations

Epidural meperidine in myocardial infarction Imbeloni L E Clinical Informations
Prolonged apnea by succinycholine and pseudocholinesterasactivity Pavani N.J. P, EI Choureiri A.M. Magna L.A., Eugenio A.G. B Clinical Informations
Respiratory arrest after interscalenic brachial plexus block. A case report Figueira E.A., Guerra E.P., Barbosa J da S Clinical Informations
Claude Bemard-Homer's syndrome following lumbar epidural block. Report of a case Nocite J.R., Nicoletti Filho R L Clinical Informations
Gallamine triethyiodide for treatment and prevention of post dural puncture headaches Labrunie G.M., Gouveia M A Clinical Informations
Selective tracheal intubation Cheibub Z.B., Brandão A.B., Esberard Filho C, Escada EM Clinical Informations

Special Article

The visual identity of S. B. A. Maia J.C. F Special Article


Anti-Pollution Systems Gauthier-Lafaye PJ, Imbeloni L.E., Oteni J C Miscellaneous

Letter to the Editor

Aumento da Resistência da Via Aérea Durante a Anestesia José Maurício Pereira Assef Letter to the Editor
Color Coded'' ou ''Touch Coded'' M.A. Gouveia Letter to the Editor
Avaliação Pré-Anestésica Domevil de França Guimarães Filho Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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