Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 33, Issue 3, 1983

33(3), 1983

Scientific Article

lntluence of ketamine on evoked potentials of acustic nerve and brain stem: an experimental study in the guinea-pig Nocite J.R., de Oliveira J.A., Del Vecchio F Scientific Article
Intennittent mandatory ventilation in acute respiratory failure Martins F.M. T, Santoro I.L., Homsi L, dos Santos M L Scientific Article
Obstetric post-spinal headache. Comparative study of several therapeutics methods Mathias R.S., BelJo C.N., Telles L.S., Castellana M.B., do Amaral R.V. G Scientific Article
Anesthetic infiltration in lombotomies Chaves O.H. T, Braga Neto C, Paiva Filho F Scientific Article

Clinical Informations

Cocaine interactions with halothane and ketamine. A case report Cremonesi E Clinical Informations
Inadvertent intrathecal injection of gallamine triethiodide. A case report. Gouveia M.A., Mauro C.L., Amaral A Clinical Informations

Review Article

Cardiac defibrilation Lane J C Review Article

Educational Article

Anesthesia in patients with respiratory failure Nocite J.R., Cagnolati C A Educational Article

Letter to the Editor

Ainda Sobre o Uso Espinhal de Opiáceos José Roberto Nocite Letter to the Editor
Resposta à carta "Ainda Sobre o Uso Espinhal de Opiáceos" Mário J. da Conceição, Carlos Alberto da Silva Jr Letter to the Editor
Complicações na Hipofisectomia Trans-Esfenoidal Eugesse Cremonesi Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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