Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 34, Issue 4, 1984

34(4), 1984

Scientific Article

Hyperbaric 0,55% bupivacaine for spinal anesthesia. Wilner S, Portella A.A. V Scientific Article
Epidural anesthesia with 0,75% bupivacaine; Effect of age and speed of injection. Nocite J.R., Cagnolati C.A., Hercules Júnior J, Tanajura A G Scientific Article
Hemodynamic changes induced by bone coment. A restropective evaluation. Kostetzer J., Oliva Filho A.L., Araújo J.T.V., Almeida Neto M.A., Serra-Freire R.B. Scientific Article
Circulatory effects of intravenous lidocaine on tracheal intubation with althesin/succinylcholine Nogueira M.G.C., Silva J.S., Guimarães L.A., Portella A.A.V. Scientific Article
The use of esophageal obturator airway Lane J.C., Tincani A.J., Katayama M. Scientific Article

Clinical Informations

Phrenic nerve block after interscalenic approach of brachial plexus. Molon V., Fedrizzi J. Clinical Informations
Introdução Inadvertida de Galanmina no Espaço Subaracnóideo D.M.C. Mendes, J. Costa Clinical Informations
Introdução de Sonda Nasogástrica. Novo Artificio P.B.R. Kalutau, R.S. Freire, M.N.C. Fáscio Clinical Informations

Review Article

Local effects oflocal anesthetic drugs. A review. Gouveia M.A. Review Article
Drugs in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Lane J.C., Tincani A.J., Katayama M Review Article


Hemodynamic monitoring during anesthesia Auler Jr. J.O.C., Pereira M.H.C., Amaral R.V.G. Miscellaneous

Letter to the Editor

A Procura do ''Lord Nuffield'' Brasileiro Renato A. Saraiva Letter to the Editor
Novas Drogas? Rogério W. Messenberg Letter to the Editor
Novas Drogas? M.A. Gouveia Letter to the Editor
Bupivacaina 0, 75% Renaud A. Menezes Letter to the Editor
Neocaina Renaud A. Menezes Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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