Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 35, Issue 6, 1985

35(6), 1985


Anestesia lnalatória: Reflexões e Perspectivas José Roberto Nocite Editorial

Scientific Article

Narcomatic 1.100 miniventilator: effect of artificial ventilation on intracranial pressure in dogs Cremonesi E, Rodrigues I J Scientific Article
Low flow gas anesthesia. Brody's number adjusted to oxygen consumption Cunto J.J., Biagini J.A., Fernandes F, Rezende C Scientific Article
A new monitor of neuromuscular function Duarte D.F., Lima WC, Silva M.C. S.A. J, Martins L H Scientific Article
Clinical evaluation of atracurium . Duarte D.F., Pederneiras S.G., Teixeira Filho N, Linhares S Scientific Article
Pancuronium pretreatment and post-succinylcholine myalgias lmbeloni L.E., Maia CP Scientific Article
Axillary brachial plexus block. Can motor block anticipate effective analgesia? Oliveira R.M., Oliva Filho A.L., Araújo J TV, Almeida Neto MA, Freire R.B. S Scientific Article
Sedation for children examination Luz CP Scientific Article
Effects of metoclopramide and cimetidine on gastric juice, volume and pH lmbeloni L.E., Maia CP Scientific Article

Review Article

Aspects of massive blood transfusion Carvalho A.F., Ferreira J J Review Article
Pharmacological and physiological properties of dextran in relation to shock management Rutili G Review Article

Special Article

Malpractice Guimarães Filho, D F Special Article
Anesthesia for the critically ill infant Downes J.J., Betts E K Special Article

Letter to the Editor

Com ''I'' ou com ''E''? M. Katayma Letter to the Editor
Bupivacaína O, 75% em Obstetrícia Dr. Armando Fortuna Letter to the Editor
Divergências de Opiniões Sobre Anestesia Quantitativa José Maria Couto da Silva Letter to the Editor
Resposta Renato A. Saraiva Letter to the Editor
Perfuração Acidental da Dura-Máter com Cateter Peridural G.M. Labrunie Letter to the Editor
Recuperação Prolongada Pós-Raquianestesia com Lidocaína 5%? J R Moll Letter to the Editor
Raquianestesia Hipobárica com Bupivacaína 0,15% M.A. Gouveia, G.M. Labrunie Letter to the Editor
Reanimação Cardiorrespiratória Letter to the Editor

Braz J Anesthesiol

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