Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology


Volume 35, Issue 1, 1985

35(1), 1985


Óxido Nitroso: Bom para o Paciente, Ruim para o Anestesiologista José Roberto Nocite Editorial

Scientific Article

Hemo·dynamic effects of high frequency jet ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Comparative studies in dogs Auler Jr. J.O. C, Amaral R.V. G, Pereira M.H. C, Takaoka F, Caputi A, Ruiz Neto PP, Armelin E Scientific Article
A comparative study of lidocaine and bupivacaine cardiotoxicity in the guinea pig atrium Simonetti M.P. B, Nigro D Scientific Article
Effects of hyperoxic and normoxic nitrous oxide on renal function in the dog Braz J.R. C, Curi P.R., Vianna P.T. G, Castiglia Y.M. M, Lemonica L Scientific Article
Psychomotor evaluation after regional block. A prospective study of ambulatorial anesthesia Oliva Filho A.L., Araújo J TV, Almeida Neto MA, Serra-Freire R.B., Bigarella MM, Bastos S.M. L, Bittencourt T.G., Hardy C.G., Fawler W G Scientific Article
Spread of epidural anesthesia: Drug or drug mass dependence? Prospective evaluation with bupivacaine Oliva Filho A.L., Araújo J.T. V, Almeida Neto M.A., Serra-Freire R.B., Gomes M.L., Koga C S Scientific Article
A new vehicle for transportation of patients and accident victims Lane J.C., Katayama M, Tincani A.J., Toledo L.C., Takaoka K, Gessner H u, Stssiukyanas A.J., Friger N, Bertazzi M.A., Von Reininghaus R, Grudzinski G Scientific Article
Anesthesia, surgery and death:Study of 210 cases Carvalho A.F., Soares Neto J.J., Homem E.F., Jacometti L.H., Soares A.L. G Scientific Article
Epidural versus intramuscular morphine: A controlled study of analgesia, respiratory function and adverse effects in the post-operative period lmbeloni L.E., Pereira M.F. L, Maia C P Scientific Article

Clinical Informations

Anesthesia and Jansen Disease. A case report Cremonesi E, Marino Júnior R, Benadou S Clinical Informations
Post-anesthetic recovery with three techniques employing intravenous anesthetics for ambulatorial surgery Nocite J.R., Costa Neto M.E., Hercules Júnior J, Soriano R R Clinical Informations
Cardiac disrhythimias caused by central venous catheter Imbeloni L.E., Sad C.E., Olle H.P., Pappone R Clinical Informations

Review Article

Hypothermia Jung LA Review Article


Pharmacological basis of intravenous diethyl ether anesthesia Silva JMC, Katayama M, Lowe HJ Miscellaneous

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Braz J Anesthesiol

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