Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
Brazilian Journal of Anesthesiology
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Prevention of drug diversion and substance use disorders among anesthesiologists: a narrative review

Michael G. Fitzsimons, Gabriel Soares de Sousa, Arpine Galstyan, Vinícius Caldeira Quintão, Cláudia Marquez Simões

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Diversion of substances from the care of the intended patient is a significant problem in healthcare. Patients are harmed by the undertreatment of pain and suffering, transmission of disease, as well as the risk associated with impaired vigilance. Healthcare providers may be harmed by the physical and mental impact of their addictions. Healthcare systems are placed in jeopardy by the legal impact associated with illegal routes of drug release including sanction and financial liability and loss of public trust. Healthcare institutions have implemented many measures to reduce diversion from the perioperative area. These efforts include education, medical record surveillance, automated medication dispensing systems, urine drug testing, substance waste management systems, and drug diversion prevention teams. This narrative review evaluates strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness of these systems and provides recommendations for leaders and care providers.


Drugdiversion; Substanceabuse; Substanceuse disorders; Drugtesting; Healthcare professionals; Anesthesiology
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