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Dual epidural catheters for labor analgesia in a spinal cord injury patient: a case report

Ejaz Khan, David Garcia, Shaopeng Huang, Roni Mendonca, Rakesh Vadhera

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Impediment to local anesthetic solution in the epidural space results in unsatisfactory pain relief during labor epidural. Patients with a history of back trauma and spinal instrumentation have increased rates of epidural failure due to patchy spread of local anesthetic with obliterated epidural space. Dual Epidural Catheters (DEC) can be used in such clinical scenarios with complete labor analgesia and improved patient satisfaction. We present the successful management of a parturient with vertebral fracture at risk for epidural failure and neurologic injury due to bone fragments and inserted cranial and caudal to the fractured vertebra using ultrasound to avoid neurologic sequelae.


Epidural anesthesia;  Epidural injections;  Obstetrical analgesia;  Spinal cord injury


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