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The influence of sex and level of physical activity on maximum tolerance to mechanical pain

Marina Aleixo Cordeiro, Matheus Bieberbach Rodrigues dos Santos, Talita Gianello Gnoato Zotz, Ana Carolina Brandt de Macedo

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A difference in maximum tolerance to mechanical pain (MTMP) between the sexes is widely studied but there is still no consensus on whether the level of physical activity (PA) influences pain.

To compare the MTMP between men and women with different levels of PA.

65 individuals were divided in female (n = 35) and male group (n = 30). The main outcome measures were PA level and MTMP by pressure algometry. Pressure was applied three times on both sides at the following points: cervical (5th and 7th) and lumbar (3th and 5th) vertebrae; trapezius, rhomboid, gluteus, gastrocnemius, pectoralis major, tibialis anterior, and deltoid muscles, elbow, hand, knee, and ankle.

It was observed that the PA level has little influence on the MTMP at all the assessed points and that men have greater MTMP than women.

Sex, not the PA level, influences the MTMP.


Pain;  Pain measurement;  Exercise
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