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Management of airway obstruction following lidocaine nebulization in a case of tracheal stenosis: case report

Kriti Chaudhary, Kamlesh Kumari, Swati Chhabra, Garima Choudhary

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Stenting for lower tracheal stenosis is a tricky situation and for the safe conduct of anesthesia, it is imperative to maintain spontaneous respiration. Airway topicalization is routinely recommended for anticipated difficult airway. We report a case of upper airway obstruction following lidocaine nebulization in a patient to be taken for tracheal stenting for lower tracheal stenosis. We would like to highlight that close monitoring of the patient is advisable during airway topicalization to detect any airway obstruction at the earliest and how fiberoptic intubation can play a pivotal role to secure the airway in an emergency scenario.


Airway obstruction;  Lidocaine;  Tracheal stenosis


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