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Agreement analysis of Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output measurement between a Oscillometric Device and Transthoracic Echocardiogram in normotensive individuals: a preliminary report

Alejandro Godoy, Alejandro Contreras, Aldo Tabares

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The evaluation of stroke volume (SV) is useful in research and patient care.

To accomplish this, an ideal device should be noninvasive, continuous, reliable, and reproducible. The Mobil-O-Graph (MOG) is a noninvasive oscillometric matrix validated for measuring aortic and peripheral blood pressure, which through conversion algorithms, can estimate hemodynamic parameters.

To compare the Mobil-O-Graph (MOG) measurement of stroke volume, cardiac output, and cardiac index with the transthoracic echocardiogram (TTE).

Healthy volunteers aged 18 years or older were included. Two-dimensional TTEs were performed by a single operator. Subsequently, the measurement of noninvasive hemodynamics with MOG was performed with the operator blind to the results of the echocardiogram. Correlation analyses between stroke volume, cardiac output, and cardiac index parameters were performed. The degree of agreement between the methods was verified using the Bland Altman method.

A total of 38 volunteers were enrolled with a mean age of 27.6 ± 3.8 years; 21 (55%) were male The SV by TTE was 76.8 ± 19.5 mL and 75.7 ± 19.3 mL by MOG, Rho = 0.726, p <  0.0001. The CO by TTE was 5.04 ± 0.8 mL.min-1 and 5.1 ± 0.8 mL.min-1 by MOG Rho = 0.510, p =  0.001. Bland-Altman plots showed a good concordance between the two techniques.

Our study shows that the measurement of SV and CO by noninvasive hemodynamics with the MOG device offers a good concordance with the TTE with very few values beyond the confidence limits.


Stroke volume;  Cardiac output;  Noninvasive hemodynamics oscillometric method;  Mobil-O-Graph
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