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Transient unilateral lingual nerve injury following the use of laryngeal mask airway Supreme: a case report

Kyung Nam Park, Hae Jeong Jeong

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Lingual nerve injury rarely occurs after using the laryngeal mask airway (LMA). A 40-year-old woman with no comorbidities visited the hospital for left breast-conserving surgery. Anesthesia was performed using LMA Supreme™. She complained of decreased sensation in the right front part of the tongue postoperatively. She received prednisolone and tongue sensation returned on postoperative day 28. The lingual nerve could be damaged by the LMA, particularly the lateral edge of the tongue base and inner part of the mandible around the third molar. When using the LMA, it is necessary to check the cuff pressure to prevent lingual nerve damage.



General anesthesia;  Hypoesthesia;  Laryngeal masks;  Lingual nerve injuries;  Prednisolone;  Sensation disorders


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