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Approach and anesthetic management for kidney transplantation in a patient with bilateral lung transplantation: case report

Sofia da Silva Ramos, Ana Isabel Leite, Ana Eufrásio, Isabel Rute Vilhena, Raquel Inácio

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Lung transplantation is the last resort for end-stage lung disease treatment. Due to increased survival, lung recipients present an increased likelihood to be submitted to anesthesia and surgery. This case report describes a 23-year-old female patient with history of lung transplantation for cystic fibrosis, with multiple complications, and chronic kidney disease, and who underwent kidney transplantation under general anesthesia. Understanding the pathophysiology and changes related to immunosuppressive therapy is essential to anesthetic technique planning and safety, and for perioperative management. The success of both anesthesia and surgery requires a qualified multidisciplinary team due to the rarity of the clinical scenario and high incidence of associated morbidity and mortality.


General anesthesia;  Clinical case;  Cystic fibrosis;  Lung transplantation;  Kidney transplantation


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