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Evaluation of skin test indications for general anesthetics in real life: a prospective cohort study

Sengul Beyaz; Raif Coskun; Nida Oztop; Evren Aygun; Mukadder Orhan Sungur; Tulay Ozkan Seyhan; Semra Demir; Muge Olgac; Derya Unal; Bahauddin Colakoglu; Suna Buyukozturk; Asli Gelincik

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In daily practice, atopic patients and those who have other drug allergies are referred to allergy clinics for evaluation of possible general anesthetic allergy despite the fact that it is not recommended in recent guidelines.

The aim of this prospective study is to determine the negative predictive value of skin tests for common general anesthetic drugs prior to general anesthesia in atopic patients and in patients who had drug allergies by including the data of those who had previously tolerated or reacted to general anesthesia.

A database program was constituted to collect the preoperative skin test data of patients referred to our clinic between 2013 and 2018. Demographic and clinical history, medications implemented during perioperative period, reactions, and results of skin tests performed with anesthetic drugs and latex were evaluated.

Four hundred fifty-nine out of the total 1167 patients referred fulfilled the inclusion criteria for further evaluation. Nearly 75% of the patients were female and mean age was 46.3 ± 14.3 years. History of hypersensitivity reactions (HRs) due to NSAIDs and/or antibiotics, radiocontrast agents, local anesthetics, and food were present in the 53.1%, 4.1%, 1.5%, and 2.0%, respectively. The negative predictive values of skin tests for general anesthetics were in the range of 80–100%. Only 4 patients (0,87%) experienced HRs during operation.

These real-life data reveal high rates of negative predictive value of skin tests with general anesthetic drugs and a low reaction rate in atopic patients and in patients with allergy to other drugs.

DSTDrug skin testEAACIEuropean Academy of Allergy and Clinical ImmunulogyEMAEuropean Medicines AgencyENDAEuropean Network on Drud AllergyHRsHypersensitivity reactionsIgEImmunoglobulin EMRGPRX2Mas-related G protein-coupled receptor-X2NMBAsNeuromuscular blocking agentsNPVNegative predictive valueNSAIDsNonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs


Anesthetic agents;  Drug hypersensitivity;  Immunologic tests;  Predictive value of tests;  Skin tests
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