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Circumpsoas block – an anterior myofascial plane block for lumbar plexus elements: case report

Sandeep Diwan, Abhijit Nair, Nitin Gawai, Dipal Shah, Parag Sancheti

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In an attempt to improvise the analgesia in patients with femoral fractures, we aimed at depositing local anesthetic deep to anterior psoas fascia (APf) under ultrasound (US) guidance to block lumbar plexus elements which emerge lateral, anterior, and medial to the psoas major muscle. We termed this as circumpsoas block (CPB). Clinical and computed tomography contrast studies revealed that a continuous CPB infusion with a catheter provided a reliable block of the lumbar plexus elements. No adverse were events noted. We conclude that US guided CPB is a reliable technique for managing postoperative pain after surgery of femur fractures.


Femur,  Intertrochanteric fracture,  Ultrasonography,  Regional Anesthesia,  Acute pain,  Postoperative pain


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