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The dilemma of choosing obstetrics and anesthesia techniques in a patient with cerebral cavernomatosis: a case report

Verónica López Pérez, Mercedes Jaro, Jose J. Arcas, Mercedes Del Olmo, Maria Y. Tebar

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This report describes the case of a pregnant woman who arrived for preanesthetic assessment of External Cephalic Version (ECV) for fetus in breech presentation and cesarean section in case of ECV failure. Although the technique seems simple, attempts to rotate the fetus can result in elevated intracranial pressure, which might cause malformation bleeding. The most appropriate anesthetic technique in cases of arteriovenous malformations during C-sections has not been determined. Neuroaxial anesthesia is safe only in stable brain cavernomas, but the presence of spinal malformations contraindicates it. Anesthetic goals include stabilizing the blood pressure and reducing the risk of rupture.


Cerebral cavernomatosis;  Cesarean section;  External cephalic version;  Obstetric anesthesia


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