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A difficult airway approach in a merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy patient – a case report

Jorge Pelicano Paulos, Vanessa Artilheiro, Catarina Cruz, Ana Pinto Carneiro

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Merosin-deficient muscular dystrophy is caused by an autosomal recessive mutation on laminin-α2 gene characterized by severe progressive muscle weakness associated with neuromuscular scoliosis and restrictive lung disease. In this case report, we describe an alternative airway approach performed in a child with anticipated difficult airway and merosin-deficient muscular dystrophy. Significant anesthetic implications may increase the perioperative risk, requiring accurate knowledge to anticipate an adequate management and provide patient-safety strategies.


Pediatrics,  Orthopedics,  Airway management,  Intravenous anesthesia,  Muscular dystrophy congenital, merosin negative


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