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Evaluation of the Density Spectral Array in the Wada test: report of six cases

Pacreu Susana, Esther Vilà, Luis Moltó, Rodrigo Rocamora, Juan Luis Fernández-Candil

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Wada test is an invasive procedure used in the preoperative evaluation for epilepsy surgery to determine language lateralization, post-operative risk of amnesia syndrome, and to assess the risk of memory deficits. It involves injection of amobarbital into internal carotid artery of the affected hemisphere followed by the healthy hemisphere to shut down brain function. We performed an observational study evaluating the density spectral array (DSA) of the bilateral bispectral index VISTATM Monitoring System (BVMS) in 6 patients with drug-resistant epilepsy undergoing Wada test. DSA revealed the presence of bifrontal alpha waves in absence of loss of consciousness in all patients.


Wada test,  Epilepsy,  Amobarbital,  Alpha waves,  Density spectral array,  Consciousness, loss of


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