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The effect of 1-mg versus 3-mg granisetron on shivering and nausea in cesarean section: a randomized, controlled, triple-blind, clinical trial

Laleh Dehghanpisheh, Simin Azemati, Mahdi Hamedi, Zeinabsadat Fattahisaravi

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Intra- and post-operative nausea, vomiting and shivering are mentioned as the most common problem following spinal anesthesia. The aim of this study is to compare two different doses of granisetron to control the shivering, nausea, and vomiting caused by spinal anesthesia in women undergoing C/S.

This study is a randomized, triple-blind clinical trial. The participants received 1-mg or 3-mg granisetron. Women who underwent elective C/S were enrolled. Inclusion criteria were grade I or II of physical status classification system according to the American Society of Anesthesiologists guideline and age range of 18–40. Primary outcome was changes in the score of shivering and nausea and vomiting. Secondary outcomes were Apgar score, mean arterial pressure, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, temperature and heart rate.

According to binary logistic regression, the incidence of shivering (6.9% vs. 1.5%; p-value = 0.049) and nausea and vomiting (19.2% vs. 9.2%; p-value = 0.024) was significantly higher in patients received 1-mg granisetron in comparison with 3-mg granisetron. Multinomial logistic regression showed that, the occurrence of shivering and nausea and vomiting were not associated with dose of granisetron. There was no significant difference between the age and Apgar score of 1 (p = 0.908) and 5 (p = 0.843) minute (s) between the two groups.

This study showed that although 3-mg of granisetron reduces the incidence of intra- and post-operative shivering, nausea and vomiting after spinal anesthesia in comparison with 1-mg of granisetron, but the difference was not statistically significant.


Shivering,  Nausea,  Vomiting,  Granisetron,  Clinical trial,  Iran
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