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Case Report

Ultrasound-guided pericapsular nerve group and obturator nerve phenol neurolysis for refractory inpatient hip cancer metastasis pain: a case report

Marcio V. Pimenta, Amanda T. Nakamura, Hermann S. Fernandes, Joaquim E. Vieira, Hazem A. Ashmawi

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Bone cancer metastasis may produce severe and refractory pain. It is often difficult to manage with systemic analgesics. Chemical neurolysis may be an effective alternative in terminally ill patients.

Case report
Female terminally ill patient with hip metastasis of gastric cancer in severe pain. Neurolytic ultrasound-guided blocks of the pericapsular nerve group and obturator nerve were performed with 5% phenol. This led to satisfactory pain relief for 10 days, until the patient's death.

This approach may be effective and safe as an analgesic option for refractory hip pain due to metastasis or pathologic fracture in terminally ill patients.


Regional anesthesia;  Pain management;  Chemical neurolysis; Hip;  Metastasis


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