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Anesthetic management of a patient with face hemangioma: case report

Cuidado anestésico de paciente com hemangioma facial: relato de caso

Meryem Onay; Sema Şanal Baş; İrem Özdöl; Birgül Yelken

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Anesthetic agents and/or surgical positions, the total volume of hemangioma may increase under general anesthesia; thus, airway management of patients with a hemangioma may be very difficult. Our patient in this case report has a periorbital and oropharyngeal hemangioma that reaches down to the esophagus. We observed that the size and volume of the hemangioma increased significantly during elective nephrectomy surgery. After adequate therapy with steroids and beta-blockers, the size of the hemangioma decreased during the postoperative care unit monitoring period. We report this case to show the importance of airway management of hemangiomas with the potential for life-threatening complications.


Hemangioma;  Difficult airway management;  Beta-blockers;  Anesthesia


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