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Perioperative anesthesia management of a pregnant patient with central airway obstruction: a case report

Cuidado perioperatório anestésico de gestante com obstrução central de via aérea: relato de caso

Keevan Singh, Shenelle Balliram, Rachael Ramkissun

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Mediastinal masses in pregnancy, although rare, can present with life threatening central airway obstruction if general anesthesia is required. In patients with central airway obstruction who are classified as being high risk for anesthesia, specific cardiothoracic interventions are usually required when there is no alternative to general anesthesia. We describe the case of a young female who presented in her second trimester with severe tracheal compression and worsening dyspnea secondary to a mediastinal mass. Intravenous dexamethasone was started, following which her symptoms improved and a drastic reduction in her tracheal compression was observed. The patient subsequently underwent successful vaginal delivery under epidural anesthesia. We discuss the complexities in perioperative decision making for this rare presentation and potential therapeutic options.


Tracheal compression;  Pregnancy;  Mediastinal mass


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