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Effect of anesthetic technique on the quality of anesthesia recovery for abdominal histerectomy: a cross-observational study

Efeito da técnica anestésica na qualidade da recuperação da anestesia para histerectomia abdominal: estudo observacional transversal

Daniel de Carli, José Fernando Amaral Meletti, Rodrigo Pauperio Soares de Camargo, Larissa Schneider Gratacós, Victor Cristiano Ramos Gomes, Nicole Dutra Marques

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Spinal anesthesia combined with sedation and general anesthesia combined with epidural are two techniques often used for patients undergoing abdominal hysterectomy. There is no consensus that one of these techniques is superior regarding the perception of patients towards the quality of postoperative recovery. This observational cross-sectional study aimed to assess the quality of postoperative recovery in women undergoing open abdominal hysterectomy by comparing both anesthetic techniques.

We recruited 162 women aged between 30 and 74 years to be submitted to abdominal hysterectomy. The anesthetic technique used followed the preference of the attending anesthesiologist without interference of the investigators. After applying the exclusion criteria, 80 patients underwent spinal anesthesia combined with sedation (Group 1) and 62 women underwent epidural anesthesia combined with general anesthesia (Group 2). The quality of postoperative recovery was evaluated using the questionnaire Quality of Recovery-40 (QoR-40) completed 24 hours after the end of the surgery.

Eighty patients in Group 1 answered the QoR-40 questionnaire with an average rating of 179.4 points, median of 186.5, standard deviation of 17.4 and a confidence interval of 3.8. The 60 patients in Group 2 answered the QoR-40 with an average of 174.9 points, median of 178 points, standard deviation of 16 points and a confidence interval of 4.0 (p = 0.024).

Women who received spinal anesthesia combined with sedation considered quality of postoperative recovery better.


Postoperative period,  Patient satisfaction,  Quality of Health Care,  Anesthesia,  Anesthesia recovery period


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