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Ultrasound block of first branch of the lateral plantar nerve (baxter nerve): case report of a promising and effective treatment for heel chronic pain

Bloqueio ultrassônico do primeiro ramo do nervo plantar lateral (nervo de Baxter): relato de caso de um tratamento promissor e eficaz para dor crônica no calcanhar

Ines Rio Coles, Catarina Lima Vieira, Isabel Barroco Gouveia, Teresa Rebelo, Luís Miguel Agualusa

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Chronic heel pain is a challenging diagnosis and although it is a common and disabling condition frequently mistreated. Baxter Nerve (BN) entrapment is responsible for 20% of heel pain and can be managed by an ultrasound guide nerve block, a simple, safe, and durable technique. A 67-year-old woman complained of paraesthesia on the left heel and a “stepping on glass” feeling. Various techniques were performed to manage her symptoms without any results. An ultrasound BN block was finally performed with an instant relief and satisfactory pain control for the follow-up period of 6 months. This clinical report highlights the success of the ultrasound BN block as an effective and lasting solution for chronic heel pain.


Baxter nerve;  Ultrasound nerve block;  Heel pain;  Chronic pain;  Pain management


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