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Anesthetic management of scoliosis operation in a pediatric patient with Frank-ter Haar syndrome: a case report

Cuidado anestésico em cirurgia de escoliose em paciente pediátrico com síndrome Frank-ter Haar: relato de caso

Irem Basaran, Ezgi Gozubuyuk, Nur Canbolat, Ipek S. Edipoglu, Mehmet I. Buget

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Frank-ter Haar syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by multiple skeletal, cardiovascular abnormalities and facial features. Some of these characteristic facial features are important for anesthesiologists to predict the difficult airway. We present the anesthesia management of an 8-year-old boy with Frank-ter Haar syndrome who underwent posterior spinal instrumentation operation for scoliosis. In these patients, it is vital to anticipate possible difficult intubation before surgery and make all necessary preparations.


Frank-ter Haar syndrome;  Airway management;  General anesthesia;  Scoliosis


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